Est: 04.05.1988
Tel: 01691 656 963

Woodland, Trefonen Road, Morda, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 9NX

Registered in England & Wales Co. 07571603


• Leisure time •

Woodland believes it is most important to encourage people to continue to maintain hobbies and interests and to provide an opportunity to participate in new activities from the range of choices we provide at the home. Woodland employs a full-time Activities Coordinator who is skilled in encouraging and assisting people to enjoy what is offer with the support of Care Assistants where necessary. Staff understand that assisting residents to enjoy stimulating leisure time is a vital and continuous part of the job.
Organised group activities take place everyday at Woodland and include:
• Arts and crafts
• Bingo
• Floor and board games
• Chair exercises to music
• Cross words and quizzes
• Hand massage and relaxation
• Reminiscence
• Outings, shopping trips and more

• Music and Entertainment •

We have a piano in one of the lounges which is available for anyone with musical talents to give us a sing-song.
Organised social events take place on a regular basis, including visits from outside entertainers. Professional musicians visit from time to time and parties, with musical entertainment, are laid on in Summer and at Christmas and all our residents and friends are invited to join in the fun.

• Out of doors •

Our residents are invited to use our outdoor areas freely, but if help is needed our staff will accompany anyone who wants to enjoy the gardens and walkways.
We try to grow some of our own flowers and tomatoes and residents are always welcome to give a helping hand.
The birds seem to like our sheltered garden areas with tables and feeders and many residents like watching and identifying them as they come to feed.

• Outings •

Outings are arranged on occasion for those residents who fancy a trip out, visits are arranged to local places of interest, usually on a seasonal basis.