Est: 04.05.1988
Tel: 01691 656 963

Woodland, Trefonen Road, Morda, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 9NX

Registered in England & Wales Co. 07571603


• Room Service •

Room service is available 24 hours a day, staff are on hand to offer assistance and support when residents need it most. A call alarm system in every room ensures staff know when they are needed.

• Maintenance •

All maintenance is included in the fee, if something breaks or you need a new light bulb there is no need to worry, emergency and general maintenance is taken care of promptly by professionals.

• Laundry •

All general’ laundry is taken care of by our staff. All bedding and towels are provided but residents are welcome to bring their own if they prefer. Although a dry cleaning service is not available, this can be arranged at additional cost.
We have the use of modern industrial machines incorporating a sterilising system so that all washing is processed environmentally and hygienically. Laundry can usually be processed overnight, cleaned, dried and iron ready for the next day.

• Newspaper Delivery •

Staff will be happy to make arrangements for any newspaper or other publication residents request to be delivered to the home, Residents should be aware that different newspapers and magazines vary in cost, delivery days and times.

• Health Care •

Whenever possible, residents are able to remain with their own GP. All existing medication is organised and collected routinely. Any further consultations required by residents are arranged as soon as possible by the staff. Health checks and/or appointments are arranged through senior members of staff and transport can be arranged.
District Nurses, physio and occupational therapists and other health care professionals visit individual residents as arranged by their doctor.

• Appointments •

In an aim to provide the highest possible standard of service, a Care Assistant will accompany any resident requiring emergency hospital treatment where possible.
We are happy to make transport arrangements on behalf of residents. Where necessary and possible we are able to provide transport and support of a Care Assistant. This service is available to all residents at a charge of £10 per hour plus travel. Due to staffing and activity in the home it is not always possible to provide this service, in this case, a taxi or other transport will be arranged at the resident’s expense.

• Specialist Aids, Equipment and Adaptations •

Woodland provide a number of specialist aids and adaptations around the home to make people’s lives a little easier. Hand rails, toilet frames and toilet seat raisers are available in every bathroom. Residents at Woodland have access to a range of equipment to assist with mobility including standing aids and mobile hoists, wheelchairs are also available for shared use. Woodland has a selection of recliner chairs for general use. Residents are welcome to bring their own recliner chair from home or purchase one should they wish to, Woodland are happy to help make arrangements for this.
Where more specialist aids are required, such as Zimmer frames, wheelchairs, pressure relieving mattress and cushions etc Woodland will make arrangements for residents to be assessed for this equipment, in some cases theses items will be provided free of charge from Shropshire Primary Care Trust (PCT).

• Visiting Services •

• Opticians and annual eye tests
• Chiropodist visits regularly – more frequent visits can be arranged at additional cost
• Hairdresser – residents are welcome to visit the hairdresser who visits once a week, Hairdressing services are charged separately.
• Religious Services – Local clergy undertake visit regularly and where individuals wish, arrangements can be made for other denominations to visit.